Executive Director’s Message

There is an old saying that ‘Knowledge is power’, but it is not true in today’s time. Knowledge alone cannot bring power, however using right knowledge rightly and with right intentions brings out true power that has the potential to transform the world. India Indigenous Peoples aspires to produce knowledge for those who wish to learn and teach us to unlearn and relearn together in a collaborative and responsible manner.

This year i.e. 2019, has been declared by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Year of Indigenous Languages. 40 per cent of the estimated 6,700 languages spoken around the world were in danger of disappearing. In India itself we have more than 2500 indigenous languages and many are endangered. The fact that most of these are indigenous languages puts the cultures and knowledge systems to which they belong at risk. In addition, indigenous peoples are often isolated both politically and socially in the countries they live in, by the geographical location of their communities, their separate histories, cultures, languages and traditions.

Sensing the need of the hour we are committed to serve and collaborate with the indigenous communities across India to help in preserving the languages, culture, traditions, and identity. For this we need your love, prayer and support to keep moving towards this noble cause. Feel free to give your suggestions and feedback and join us in this blissful journey.