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Upcoming Events: January 13 Grand Cultural Gathering of Indian Indigenous Peop... || November 15 International Conference on Language, Culture and ... ||

AboutIndigenous Peoples

The Indigenous Peoples in India are called by different names such as ‘Tribes’, ‘Primitive’, ‘Tribal,’ ‘Aboriginal,’ ‘Native’, ‘Adivasis’ and so on. Some say, they are “the autochthonous people of the land who are believed to be the earliest settlers in the Indian Peninsula’, prior to the invasions and foreign settlers. At that time, each Indigenous community was a homogenous and self contained unit without any hierarchical discrimination. Each tribe had a chief for its protection. Gradually, the chief assumed political and military power and was recognized as the King / Raja ruler.

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Executive Director’s Message

There is an old saying that ‘Knowledge is power’, but it is not true in today’s time. Knowledge alone cannot bring power, however using right knowledge rightly and with right intentions brings out true power that has the potential to transform the world. India Indigenous Peoples aspires to produce knowledge for those who wish to learn and teach us to unlearn and relearn together in a collaborative and responsible manner.

Latest News & Updates

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Invitation for Grand Cultural Gathering of Indian Indigenous Peoples near Mumbai City, 13-14 January.

On behalf of the Adivasis, Tribal, and India Indigenous peoples, we are  pleased to invite you to attend our 27th  ‘Grand Cultural Gathering of Indian Indigenous Peoples’ on 12th, 13th and 14th of January 2020, taking place at ‘Palghar’ near Mumbai. The expected wider community attendance is sure to be greater than 200,000 people, ensuring this Indigenous Peoples event is one unique to the world.


With the UN Declaration 2019 as the ‘International Year of Indigenous Languages’, there is an opportunity in conjunction with UNESCO, to lead a collective celebration of retrospection and revitalisation of our own languages, cultures within our natural model of Sustainable Development. 


There will be special meeting of women, youth, children, economic and leadership on 13th January, followed by a colourful cultural rally from the local town to our meeting spot on 14th January. This includes intellectual deliberations, song, dance, and in the evening cultural expressions from different States and Nations.  The National Indigenous Peoples Gathering represents a unifying force among diverse Adivasi cultures and peoples throughout India.

We believe  your involvement  and commitment to the Indigenous Peoples causes in your country and your sharing of cultural values, thoughts and activities, would enlighten our thought process and our commitment to holistic development of India’s Indigenous society.


May we propose that you touch down in Mumbai on 11th January itself, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th Jan at Palghar. On the evening of the 15th you might return back to your State, however you may wish to take up the option to extend your stay a little. There are many opportunities to offer you additional experiences within local and community hospitality as you wish.


We have invited a number of local and international intellectuals, advocates, and social welfare people experienced in Indigenous affairs. 


International Conference on Tribal Languages, Culture and Sustainable Development

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 2030), is road to dignity by 2030, ending poverty, transforming all lives and protecting the planet earth. The traditional knowledge and the symbiotic relationship between the adivasi/ tribal communities and nature is very significant for SDGs. This gets strengthened with UN's Declaration of the year 2019 as ‘International Year of Indigenous Languages’ to raise awareness about the consequences of endangering the very existence of indigenous languages across the world with an aim to establish a link between language, development, peace and reconciliation. Keeping the above in mind GOVT OF MADHYA PRADESH IN COLLABORATION WITH INDIRA GANDHI RASHTRIYA MANAV SANGRAHALAYA, BHOPAL; CENTRE FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE AND GOVERNANCE (TISS), MUMBAI; INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ADIVASI STUDIES, AND ADIVASI SAMANWEY MANCH BHARAT is organising the International Conference from 15th -17th November, 2019 at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh for academic deliberations between the academicians, researchers and community leaders who have been engaging on Adivasi/tribal issues.