Education& Linguistic

Educational indicators of tribalcommunities in India have constantly remained abysmal among all socialgroups. Though gains have been made, tribal/non-tribal divides ineducational attainment have widened. Moreover, it is found in both rural andurban areas that lower propensity for attending school is unmediated byhousehold wealth, quality of schooling and parents‘ education levels. Topromote education in schedule tribes two major problems have beenidentified which are internal problems like incompatible school system,content, curricula, medium, pedagogy, academic supervision etc., andexternal problems like education policy, planning, implementation andadministration etc. are influencing education in tribal areas. It is found that the current education system is also having a deep impact on the indigenous languages and their culture. Since the medium of language is English and Hindi, therefore it becomes difficult for the tribal children to understand. This has resulted in dropouts from the school at an early age. If a policy is made to make indigenous language compulsory in the preliminary, secondary and higher secondary education schools then there are huge chances of promoting not only indigenous languages but reducing dropouts of tribal children from the school.